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Customers come to us because we offer More Integrity & Honesty than the Dealerships. We treat all cars like they’re our own.

We Specialize in High Performance Work on New & Old "Z" Cars


Mid level 15, 45, 75k services, top level 30, 60, 90, 120k services, clutches, brakes, t-belts, ect..

High Performance Clutches

If the installation of a new Nissan "Z" car Clutch Kit is let go too long, eventually the vehicle will no longer be able to transmit power to the wheels at all, leaving the vehicle at a total standstill.

Want a company that'll be there for your Nissan "Z" car clutches needs all the time, no matter what? We're just the company you've been searching for. For the installation of aftermarket performance clutch kit!

All Suspension & Coil Over Suspension

Suspension systems are a classic example of how we end up with certain equipment on our stock vehicles. It's all about compromise. With suspension the compromise is often between ride and performance. Generally, a car that handles corners well with a minimum of body roll is also rough riding. Since the average Nissan Datsun owner would rather be comfortable than take a corner at speed, the suspension is designed to favor ride comfort.


If you don't know what year your Nissan "Z" car vehicle is, check the interior door panel on the driver's side, and you will see the year along with other OE information. This is the best source for finding out what year your Nissan "Z" car is. Ordering your OEM replacement or your used Transmission is easy. First you will need to know the year, and we just told you how to find the year of your vehicle if you don't already know, but you also need to know the specification of the Transmission such as left, right, front, rear, engines size, etc.. To search the left or right, sitting in the Nissan vehicle you are in the driver's or in the passenger seat. The drivers seat is the left Transmission and the passenger side is the right Transmission. Contact nmimports.com for a quote on installing a new performance transmission for your Z32.

Disc Brake Upgrades

Made From Select Non-Asbestos Organic Formulation Using Aramid Fibers Without Steel Fibers Or Carbon Particles Which Produce Dust, Designed To Minimize Brake Dust Up To 40% Better Than Standard Pads, Engineered To Resist Fade And Reduce Noise Under Extreme And Normal Braking, Designed For Spirited Street Driving, Offers Better Brake Effect Up To 600 Degrees Celsius (1100 Degrees  Fahrenheit), Features Brake-In Coating For Super Quick Pad Bed-In And Center Line Slots To Prevent Heat Expansion Cracks, Set Includes Left And Right Brake Pads, Recommended For Cars With Up To 200 Brake Horsepower".

Engine Overhauls

We can remove your old worn tired engine and provide machine work services to satisfy your performance needs or we can source and install fully built aftermarket engines. We have the expertise to do the job right the first time.


We have many quality parts on hand here at the shop. We have the resources to get the parts you need in a timely matter. Nobody can beat our expertise when it comes to the electrical systems on Nissan Datsun Z's.

Turbo/Supercharger Upgrades & Installation

A turbo charged model (using the L28ET engine rated at 180 bhp (134 kW)) was introduced in 1981, and was available only with a 3-speed automatic transmission. At the time of release, the Nissan "Z" car Turbo was the fastest Japanese import in the American market and was the fastest production car money could buy, apart from two exotics (the Porsche 911 SC and 928). Call us today if you need help repairing your Nissan Datsun.

We specialize in Nissan, Datsun & Infiniti Products. Other imports welcome.

We try to carry used parts for All "Z32" cars from 1990-1996 Body Parts, Seats, Engines, Rear Ends, Windows, Wheels, Etc. contact nmimports.com for questions on used parts availability.